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My name is Greg Helding. I live with my wife and our chiweenie Maisy in Racine County, WI. I’m an IP Lawyer. I specialize in patent law, in particular the electrical and computer arts. Before I was a lawyer, I had a first career working in “tech” that started during the early days of the commercial internet revolution. I spent time as a systems engineer, a systems administrator, and a network engineer (sometimes all three at once). My full resume is on LinkedIn.

My first career was inspired by growing up during the rise of the PC industry. I was introduced to computers when my grade school principal wheeled in the schools’ only Apple II computer on an AV cart to show it off. Shortly after that, there was an Apple IIe at my dad’s house. After seeing the 1984 Superbowl ad for the original Macintosh, I declared to my mom that I needed one for school. She agreed, and I began my lifelong status as an early adopter of Apple tech.

I graduated from engineering school in 1994, and began working full time as a systems engineer in 1995, the same year the modern commercial Internet arose, courtesy of the Netscape IPO. The field of “computers” quickly became the field of the internet. I worked for several ISPs and really enjoyed the work, but in 2011 I decided to make a change and went to law school. My first career proved to be a great basis for my second one, and I still get to learn about all sorts of new technology.

When I am not working or spending time with my family, my hobbies/personal interests, some of which I will explore on this site, include gaming (board and TTPGs), jeep wranglers, homelabbing, free/open source software, new tech, retro tech, and ham radio.


This is a personal website and blog. Any views expressed are mine alone. No one reading the content of this site should ascribe it or the views contained therein to any entity other than me.

As noted above, I am a lawyer, but (unless you and I have an established attorney-client relationship) I am NOT your lawyer. Although I may opine on situations involving the law or legal issues, the content of this website and any opinions offered herein are not legal advice. Any discussions we may have in the comments section do not establish an attorney-client relationship and do not constitute legal advice.

Legal advice refers to guidance or recommendations given by a lawyer to a client concerning their specific legal situation. This advice is tailored to the individual circumstances and is based on a lawyer’s professional judgment and expertise. Legal advice provides a personalized analysis of the legal issues at hand and offers potential courses of action for the client to consider.

If you need legal advice, I encourage you to consult your own attorney.


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